PVA Delta 6 Conformal Coating Dispensing System

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PVA Delta 6 Flexible Robotic Inline Conformal Coating


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• Delta 6 Coating / Dispensing System
• Robust overhead three-axis motion platform
• Comes with Optional Fourth Axis Upgrade: (Option Added)
  * Fully Controllable axis with On-The-Fly Acceleration and Deceleration
  * Rotation 350 degree motion, valve can tilt at an adjustable angle & rotate
• FCS300-ES Atomized Spray Valve Mount, All coating types Circular 0.125” – 0.5”
• FCS300 Atomized Spray Valve, All coating types Circular / fan 0.25” – 2”+
• FC100-MC Front Closing Valve Mount, All coating types Bead, dot 0.010” min
• 2 Gallon Top-Ported Material Reservoir
• Digital Scale Low Level Material Sensor  (Option Added)
• Great for selective coating, potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing applications.
• Fully enclosed work area with hatch service door and safety interlock
• In-Line 34" Edge Chain Conveyor, Bi-Directional L to Right and Right to Left  (Option Added)
• Onboard PC with flat screen monitor and PVA Portal
• PathMaster® Windows- based software
• FastPath™ offline image programming capability
• Closed-loop low level exhaust notification
• Yr: 2019
• New
* Includes 1yr Manufacturer’s  warranty from defects; doesn't include wearable items and material lines
* Includes Professional Packing (for dates April-May 2019)
* FREE Shipping for the months of (April-May 2019) |  Shipping charges Not included and fee applicable from months June – Dec 2019 {Lower 48 states only; Overseas only included if listed on a quote)
** Black Light Mounted in Robot (Optional/Not included, additional cost applicable)
** Handheld Barcode Reader Auto Program Select with Auto Width Conveyor Adjust (Optional/Not included, additional cost applicable)
** Automatic Rail Adjust  (Optional/Not included, additional cost applicable)