SMT Solder Paste Manual Semi-Automatic Dispenser System 1000

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Manual, Semi-Autmatic Dispensing System 1000

Sku # 1235:

• Liquid supplying time: 0.01S-30S
• Input air pressure:     1bar-7bar
• Output air pressure: 0.1bar-7bar
• Time repeatability error: ± 0.05%
• Min. dispensing amount: 0.005ml
• Frequency: < 400 cycle per minute
• Power source:  110V/220 ± 10% 50Hz
• Power consumption: < 15W
• This unit is driven by compressed air to push the liquid within the pre-set time by a switch for precise glue dispensation.
• Based on your production needs, you may choose manual mode or semi-automatic mode.
• High-precision digital timer and input air pressure regulator are used to control the time and quantity to dispense glue every time precisely.
• Equipped with vacuum suction to control liquids with different viscosities and prevent stringing. It operates simply, operators do not become tired easily, glues are not wasted, and productivity is improved significantly.