New Lead Free SMT Series Wave Solder LW-2400

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LW-2400 New Lead Free SMT Series Wave Solder

Sku # 1085-610

  • SMT Series 2400 Wave Solder
    • CE Certified
    • Direction: Left to Right
    • PCB Width: 1.97 - 24 Inches **
    • Advanced Features:
    * Stepper Motor for the Flux Spray is combined with Rail-Guide and the Moving Speed can be set in the Computer
    * 3 Top Preheat Hot Air Convection Zones **
    * 3 Modular Bottom Preheat Hot Air Convection Zones. Each PreHeat Zone can be taken out of the machine for Cleaning or Repairing
    * Auto Control Solder Pot: In/Out, Up/Down
    * Equipped with Industrial Strength Heavy Titanium Conveyor Fingers
    • Conveyor Inload Height: 750 +/-20mm (29.53 inches)
    • Cooling Blower: Top and Bottom
    • Solder Pot Power: Quick Disconnect Power at Solder Pot
    • Exhaust: Top and Side
    • Profiler: Equipped with 2 Thermocouple wires for PC Profile testing
    • Light Tower
    • Adjustable Conveyor Angle System
    • Adjustable Conveyor Width: Manual
    • Titanium Solder Pot
    • Flux Spray: Stepper Motor Driven Modular design
    • Stainless Steel Flux Tank Equipped with Upper and Lower Sensor: Maintains flux at a Stable Level to keep same Gravity pressure for Flux Nozzle
    • Controller: Siemens PC and PLC
    • Warm Up TIme: Approximately 12min
    • Net Weight: 5733 lbs
    • Dims LxWxH: 14 x 5.50 x 6 Feet
  • • 5 Year Warranty Pot
    • 2 Year Warranty all other Parts
    • Fob: Hillsboro, Oregon