New SMT Inspection Stations SMTDevices
" Ordered 2 New Inspection  stations back in 2018. They took care of the packing and shipping to our facility.   Both arrived on a Friday and up and running 'til this day! Thanks. "


SMTech Screen Printer with SMT Line 1 EmpacMydata TP9 for fine pitch placement, SMT Line 1 EmpacHeller Reflow Convection Oven,  SMT Line 1 Empac

" Purchased 3 machines from Empac Global to help build our products. B. came to my shop with the machines. Took care of the rigging, unloaded them & set them in place. He trained me on the screen printer and reflow.  R.  came the following week, trained me on the Mydata. They made it look easy. Thanks for everything. "




Dek Infinity Screen Printer Empac Global
" We ordered a Screen printer Dek Infinity. Professionally packed, came to us
no damages and in production since 2017. "