DEK Horizon 03i Screen Printer

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"Horizon 03i is the benchmark for assemblers seeking the lowest cost of ownership
 with high throughput and flexibility for rapid changeovers." **

• Year: 2007
• Max. Board Size (Print Area): 508mm (X) x 508mm (Y)
• Accuracy and Repeatability: 1.33 Cpk @ +/- 25 m
• Cycle Core Time: 14 seconds
• Print Speed: 2mm to 150mm/sec
• Squeegee Pressure Mechanism: Software controlled, motorized
• Tooling: Magnetic tooling pins
• Camera: Graphite digital camera, using IEEE 1394 interface. Single channel.
• Fiducial Recognition: Automatic fiduicial teach and find
• Operator Interface: Colour TFT display, kb and trackball with DEK Instinctiv software
• Stencil Loading: Manual with screen depth adjuster
• Stencil Alignment: Motorized via actuators X, Y and Theta
• Squeegee 1 set included

"Horizon 03i delivers the outstanding Horizon blend of performance and value – with interest.
Now you get the benefits of revolutionary Instinctiv™ user interface features, the new
Optimised Printer Frame for maximum mechanical and thermal stability, and the new ISCAN™
Intelligent Scalable Control Area Network that replaces the traditional wiring loom with
a faster, lighter and more reliable bus system supporting advanced features." **

** Information direct from Dek

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