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MSP-4: Manual Screen Printer

Brand New

• Max: 11.811 - 15.748 inches (300-400mm)
• Dims: 27.559x23.622x13.779 inches (700x600x350mm)
• Weight: 28.660 lbs (13kg)
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• This item is being replaced with MSP-5 click here to goto product page
• Sku 1210

1.  Vertical adjust button, adjusts the total stencil frame vertical height
2.  Template holder, holds the stencil frame
3.  Work surface
4.  Crosswise lock block, to fix the board by length
5.  Board fix support, to fix the board by width
6.  Board support screw, the screw can be moved & fixed to support the board
7.  Support screw fix holes, affix the support screws to one of the many holes
8.  Board holder, holds both sides of the board
9.  Locking hand-wheel holder, adjusts the board holder in the machine
10. Template locking screw, adjusts the height of the stencil frame
11. Lengthwise adjust button, adjusts the stencil frame in the length direction
12. Level adjust buttom, adjusts the stencil frame in the width direction
13. Lengthwise locking hand-wheel, fixes the vertical direction
14. Crosswise locking hand-wheel, fixes the level direction