Multi Magazine Loader, Single Lane and Dual Lane Conveyors

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This Magazine Loader is designed for loading PCBs onto production lines. It automatically pushes PCBs out of the magazine onto the link conveyor of the downstream machine. The system is Highly Accurate and a safety design ensures PCBs from breaking when pushed. We’ve also included a special feature that allows automatic control all the Board Handling Equipment Width Adjustment.• 

• Programmable Touch Screen Auto Width Adjustment **
** Special Feature Option Included (if not needed, please let us know
• CE Certified
• Max PCB Size: 20.8 x 20 inches (530x510mm)
• Minimum PCB Size: 1.97 x 1.97” (50 x 50mm)
• Machine Dimension (L x W x H): 76 x 39.37 x 53.15 inches
• PCB Thickness: 0.6mm - 4.5mm
• Capacity:
  6 Magazines: 1 Magazine in Lifter, 2 Empty magazines on Top Ramp,
  3 Full Magazines on Bottom Ramp
• Magazine Not Included, please click here for Magazine Info
• Regulated pressure on attached pneumatic pusher.
• Pusher position adjustable to center of the magazine
• Automatic magazine alignment by upper and lower pneumatic clamping
• Transport Left to Right
• Transport height: 37.40 inches ±1.18 / 950mm ±30mm
• Fixed rail: Front of the machine
• Air supply: ≥6 bar
• Air consumption: 10 ltr/min max
• PCB load time: ±6 seconds
• Magazine change-over time: ±30 seconds
• Pitch distance: 10, 20, 30, 40mm pitch or specify
• SMEMA Compatible and Smema Cables Included
• User friendly touch screen control panel
• 2Year Parts Warranty
• For pricing please call or email us.
• Sku #: 1254-Loader510
• Standard build: Single Lane
• Dual Lanes available upon request

Use with:  Adjustable SMT PCB Magazine Rack, Magazine PCB Holder for Loaders, Unloaders  Sku #: 1061-510