NEW Multifunctional Vertical Buffer, FIFO, LIFO, By-Pass Mode, PCB OK/NG

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This is a Multi-Functional Vertical Buffer that can be used as a LIFO, FIFO, BY-PASS and PCB NG-OK Conveyor. It is a Dual Conveyor: the Bottom conveyor rail is for the PCB being introduced to the Buffer and Upper Conveyor Rail is for the NG Boards. We've designed a Built-In Magazine and set the top 10 layer slots as the NG Boards position from the AOI and the bottom 15 layer slots as the FIFO/LIFO/OK board’s position from the AOI.

• 2year Parts Warranty!
• Single Lane and Dual Lane Conveyors Available
• Operational Video available
• Certain builds will look like the 1st photo and other builds may look like the 2nd photo (kindly check with us which model will be built for you)
• PCB Size 530 x 460 mm (20.866 x 18.110 inches)
• Work Modes:
       FIFO( first in first out)
       LIFO( last in first out)
       By-Pass mode
       PCB NG/ OK separate function
• Designed to buffer NG and OK boards after Inspection machine (AOI / SPI)
• NG boards are available Visual checking at the upper outlet conveyor without
   Stopping the machine
• PCB buffer capacity/Stacking: 25 PCBs
• Control method: PLC and Touch Screen Control
• CE Certified
• Threshold signal to protect the boards in upstream reflow oven: Standard
• PCB transfer method: 4mm (0.157 inches) ESD Flat belt to handle PCB
• Magazine Lift System: Precision Servo Motor System and Servo Driving System
• Lift platform Weights Capacity: above 100kg (220.462 pounds)
• Step pitch selectable: 1/2/3 pitch Step via software setting
• PCB size: 530 x 460 mm (20.866 x 18.110 inches)
• PCB weights: Max.3.5 kg/Per PCB  (7.716 pounds/Per PCB)
• Conveyor transfer heights: 900mm +/-50mm  (35.433 +/-1.969 inches)
• Indexing Pitch: 22mm  (0.866 inches)
• Motorized Conveyor Width Adjustment
• Conveyor Fixed Front rail
• Conveyor speed: 10m/min Adjustable
• LED Signal Tower and Audible Alarm
• Equipped with Robust Lead Screw Rod and Guide line Rod for Guaranteed Heavy Duty Loading
• Safety Cover with Interlock Functions
• SMEMA Compatible and Smema Cables Included (We will match the signals with your AOI)
• Air Pressure: 4-5kg f/cm2 (8.8 - 11 pounds f/cm2)
• Lead Time 45 Days and/or sooner
• FOB: Hillsboro OR
• Sku#: 1269-Vbuffer 530x460
• For pricing please call or email us.