N95 Masks for Sale

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* We have N95 Masks for sale
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* PPE N95 Disposable Face mask, Respirator
* Class FFP2, CE Certification
* European Standard EN149:2001
* FFP2 have a Minimum of 94% filtration percentage,   and a Maximum 8% leakage to the inside
* For use in the prevention of airborne infectious diseases
* Also used in Construction, Agriculture and by Healthcare professionals against influenza virus
* FFP2 Dust Masks protect against moderate levels of dust, solid, liquids and aerosols.
* Ideal protection when plastering and sanding
* And currently used for protection against the coronavirus

** Class FFP2, CE Certified
** Manufactured in accordance with: European Standards EN149:2001
** The product has a certificate of confirmation that the product meets the requirements of the following standards and within limits of its standards gives presumption of conformity with essential requirements of Regulation 2016/425.