NEW SMT Push-up Stacker Conveyor L Size 19x18 inches SMTDevices

New Pusher Conveyor, SMT Push Up Stacker Large Size

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The SMT Push Up Stacker is designed to move individual PCBs from the production line to a flat belt conveyor and place them into a stack. This system handles PCBs with thickness of 0.6mm to 2.5mm and is equipped with an Automatic Stack Height Sensor. It also has a pass-through function that allows other equipment (ex: magazine unloader) to be installed at the exit for double-sided board storage.
• 2year Parts Warranty!
• Single Lane and Dual Lane Conveyors Available
• CE Certified
• Max PCB Size: 19.7 x 18" (500x460mm)
• Minimum PCB Size: 1.97 x 1.97” (50 x 50mm)
• PCB Stack height 9.45” (240mm)
• PCB Thickness: Min 0.024” (0.6mm ) to  Max: 0.098 (2.5mm)
• Conveyor Direction: Left–Right (Standard) or Right-Left
• Sturdy, Stable design
• 2 Standard Modes: Destacker Mode & Pass Through Mode
• Titanium alloy blade
• Light Tower and Audible Alarm
• SMEMA Compatible and Smema Cables Included
• Touch Screen Operation
• Dual Cylinder
• PCB counter
• Lead Time 30-40 Days
• FOB: Hillsboro OR
Sku # 1261PS-19x18
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