Semi-Automated SP-300 Printer

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  1. Adjustable squeegee pressure, precision pressure gauge and speed regulator
  2. Rolling linear guide rails and double-rod cylinder-driven suspension-type steel squeegee upward and downward movements bring more even printing
  3. Combination-type universal workbench;   support pins can be placed along the honeycomb-type positioning base to hold PCBs
  4. Positioning workbench can be fine-adjusted along X axis and Y axis or its Ø angle can be micro-adjusted for easy, simple, and precise alignment
  5. Both single-sided and double-sided PCBs can be printed
  6.     The air source works sufficiently for  manual operation.  It is stable, reliable and  very low failure rate
  7. Motor-driven squeegee base and vacuum suction system  optional

Video Available, 1yr Mfgrs Warranty