Speedprint Technology SP710avi

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" The SP710avi's accuracy and versatility are astounding! This screen printer combines Speedprint’s commitment to high performance and reliability with outstanding value. The system has been designed to cope with the rigors of high volume SMT production while incorporating the flexibility needed in high-mix, quick product set-up & changeover environments. The ADu (Automatic Dispenser Unit) can be fitted with any combination of paste and glue module, allowing you to cover all applications! " by Speedprint Technology UK

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• Yr: 2013
Repeatability Accuracy: 20um @ 6 Sigma 2cpk (Full Process Movement)
Maximum Stencil Frame: 29” x 29” (736.6mm x 736.6mm)
• Max PCB Size: 23.6” x 20”  (600 x 510mm)
• Min PCB Size:  1.96” x 1.18”   (50 x 30mm)
• Max Print Area: 23.6” x 20”  (600 x 510mm)
• Max PCB Thickness: Up to 0.2” (8mm)
• Min PCB Thickness: 0.3mm
• X/Y PCB Alignment: +/- 5mm
• Conveyor Width Adjustment: Automatic
• Dual Roving Camera
• Automatic Measurement Stencil Paste

 Automatic Dispense unit (ADu):
ADu provides for the full removal of dispensing modules, complete with material syringes, for easy cleaning and storage in climate controlled cabinets if required. The use of industry standard nozzle tips with standard Luer lock systems provides cost effective and reliable performance. The Cleaning and Calibration station provides a simple cleaning roll and material purge facility, fully accessible and easy to reload. Height calibration for the nozzle tip is automatic and is completed by default at the start of each job, and progressively throughout the dispense cycle, mapping the entire surface to give the correct dispense height measurement to within 1 micron using Linear Encoders.
    Single or Dual Module
    Fully programmable using Gerber data
    Auto needle calibration and substrate mapping
    Ability to have heated Dispense Modules
    Utilizes precision steel augers

 1 Micron Resolution Linear Encoders:
The use of solid state linear encoders is fundamental to the performance and capability of the AVI
platform, which is why they are used as standard throughout our full product range.
Unlike electro-mechanical rotary encoder systems, typically limited to 4-micron resolution,
Speedprint utilises the latest generation of linear encoders, within its vision & control systems.
The reliability of solid state components over electro-mechanical is clearly understood, providing
longevity and improved cost of ownership. However, the ability to measure and control the machine’s
subsystems and performance to 1 micron is what provides the level of performance needed to manage
the increasingly complicated process of SMT production.

With the ongoing miniaturization of substrates and components continually impacting the process
window, SmartCal provides the user with simple and cost-free calibration. SmartCal allows the user to maintain the maximum process window and optimum performance for the life of the machine.
Eliminating the need for costly external technical support ,SmartCal gives the user the capability to calibrate their process as often as they wish, without any specialised equipment.
SmartCal uses a fixed and controlled feature for calibration, unlike older technology systems that require the use of printed deposits of glue, paste or grease as a calibration datum.
With these systems, you expose the calibration process to a number of variables such as temperature, humidity, deposit ‘slump’ and even the time of day! When you are looking for micron level performance, calibrating against a moving target will never provide the most reliable results.

Gerber Import Utility:
The Gerber import utility is a software enhancement that complements the 2D+ and laser tooling options. The GUI package imports the fiducial and component data from the top and bottom sides of the PCB. This data is graphically displayed on the monitor. Using graphical representations of the PCB simplifies programming of the fiducials and apertures, locations of tooling pins, the setting up of solder paste inspection areas and the programming of the optional ADu glue and paste dispenser. (ADu only available on the 710.)

Automatic Conveyor Width Adjustment:
A standard feature across the range of machines is our fully automatic width adjustment capability.

Improving job set up and product changeover, each PCB is programmed with the correct dimensions, with the machine automatically setting the conveyor to the optimal position every time that job is loaded to production.

 Integrated stencil cleaner:
Stencil cleaning remains one of the most important activities within the print process, which is why
Speedprint have always included it as standard within our products. With today’s level of miniaturization
and complexity, you cannot produce consistently high quality products without an efficient cleaning
system as standard. Speedprint’s stencil cleaning system contains the most powerful vacuum system
technology available and is fully programmable, allowing for wet and dry cleaning and an unlimited level
of programmable options to give operators the flexibility to select the best-performing cleaning action for
their particular process or product.

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