New UV Inspection Conveyor for Conformal Coating

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The UV Inspection Conveyor is placed with a Conformal Coating Process Line as an Inspection Station to check the conformal coating quality manually. Our UV Inspection Conveyor is specially combined with an “ Air Exhaust Interface “ and “ Air Flow Pressure Sensor Monitor “. We’ve also incorporated an “ Exhaust Interface “ and “ Under Pressure Switch “ for processes that handle wet parts where they need solvent evaporation before and/or after curing.

• 2year Parts Warranty!
• Single Lane and Dual Lane Conveyors Available
• Control System: PLC
• Touch Screen Control Operation
• Heavy-Stable Structured Conveyor with a beautiful design and aluminum finishing’s
• Touch Screen Automatic Width Adjust
• Built with Heavy Duty conveyor rail with chain belts for Pallets
• The Stainless Steel lead screw was designed to provide smooth width adjustment
• Conveyor cover to protect boards from dust
• 2 Segmented Independent Conveyor
• Software Control Inspection Frequency
• Automatic Inspection Button and Manual Inspection Button
• Independent Variable Speed Control for each Rail
• UV Lights to Inspect coating results
• Extractable Tray for Easy Clean-Up of coating droplets
• Air Exhaust Interface and Air Pressure Sensor
• Under Pressure Switch
• Air Pressure Sensor
• SMEMA Compatible and Smema Cables Included
• Lead Time 30-40 days
• FOB: Hillsboro OR
• Sku#: 1557
• For pricing please call or email us.