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NEW Vacuum Bare Board Loader Conveyor

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The Vacuum Loader can be placed at the beginning or middle of the PCB Assembly line. It is an automated system that lifts unpopulated boards one-by-one from the stack by vacuum and gently lowers the board onto the belt segment, and makes it ready for the downstream machine.
• 2year Parts Warranty!
• Single Lane and Dual Lane Conveyors Available
• CE Certified
• Touch Screen Operating Panel
• 2 Modes: Bard board Loader Mode and By-Pass Mode
• PCB width: 1.97 – 18.11” (50 – 460mm)
• PCB length: 3.15 – 19.69” (80 – 500mm)
• Max PCBs Capacity – 400 pcs (0.6mm thickness)
• PCB Time Feed – Approx. 10 seconds
• Adjustable Vacuum Stubs enables a more secure way to hold the PCBs
• Safety Visual Window with Interlock
• Powerful Vacuum Generator System
• Automatically position Shuttle Distance
• Accurately release PCB on the conveyor rail
• Hand Crank Width Adjust (Standard), Electrical Width Adjust Option available upon request
• PCB Production Counter
• SMEMA Compatible and Smema Cables Included
• Self diagnostic Error Code display
• Conveyor Direction: Left–Right (Standard) or Right-Left
• Lead Time 30-40 days
• FOB: Hillsboro OR
• Sku#: 1272
• For pricing please call or email us